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  • • The Big Picture
  • • Tightwad Essentials
  • • Compare Food Expenses
  • • Shopping Strategies
  • • Where To Buy Groceries
  • • Storing Food
  • • On The Road
  • • Dining Out
  • • Meal Strategies
  • • The Kitchen Transition
  • • Basic Recipes

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Tightwaddery Coaching/Facilitating

If you’d like to spend less, save more, or just make more mindful choices with your money, but don’t know quite how to get started, The Primal Tightwad is available for individual coaching and consulting sessions.

$50 per hour
$30 per half-hour

Package: One 90-minute initial session, with two 45-minute follow-up sessions and 3 e-mail exchanges: $125

Please note that the Primal Tightwad is not a psychologist, or financial advisor/planner.





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